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EZ Database questions--new user

#1 2019-11-02 23:53:49
Just installed EZD today. I'm a multi-decade programmer, no longer working due to illness. I have extensive database programming experience, starting with filePro on SCO Xenix in the 1980s.

I set up my first database, and was immediately perplexed by its asking for a 'table' name, but I entered something and moved on.

I just wanted two fields: the first for dates, so I chose 'date' as its type, the second numeric, including decimals, so I chose 'real' for its type. Then I tested inputting data.

Upon entering the date field I'm presented with a monthly calendar, today highlighted. I want to manually enter dates, not scroll through calendars; for example, 04/30/1892 or 11/02/19 (depending on the database). That appeared impossible, so I changed its type to 'text.' Okay, but not ideal.

The next field won't accept zeroes following the decimal point. In other words, 162.05 cannot be entered; as soon as the '0' is touched, the decimal point disappears and the zero gets appended to the numbers before the decimal point: 162.05 desired becomes 16205, while 154.68 remains 154.68. This is unacceptable.

The 'sum' field keeping a running total on a 'real' numeric field makes no sense unless the user wants that function. Say the field is for weights; you definitely don't want all your weekly weigh-ins added together!

How do I add fields to an existing database?

How do I assign a fixed number of characters per field, such as 8 for a MM/DD/YY field or 10 for MM/DD/YYYY?

I'm happy to pay for the app (as I have with others of yours) if it can do what I want/need.
#2 2019-11-06 13:19:42
Thanks for the suggestions. I will see what I can do about the date inputs and the decimal stuff.
#3 2019-11-06 22:19:24
Great! If you're open to adding/tweaking features, I guarantee you I'll buy the paid version (I hope you're going to offer). As a former programmer, I have an appreciation for your talents, and am glad to buy the app. :)
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#4 2020-04-12 11:26:13
i have downloaded and been using for a few hours today like so much i paid for on ios and PC versions
i have come across an issue that if could be fixed might help lots of people
when 2 tables are linked via the relationship option it only shows a list of the items in the relationship table
my idea is to use the search function at the top of the list from the relationship table to filter the list to find what is required easier

what is the maximum number for fields in a table please ?
#5 2020-09-16 17:46:26
To clarify my prior comment (I cannot create a "real" number in EZ Database.) to be more accurate:
1) yes, I can go thru the motions of creating a field (say Amount) for "real number" data BUT when I try to enter such as "123.45", it comes out as "12345".
2) The "Sum" value for the column does however show such as "123.00" when the data added is: 100 + 20 + 3 - so the sum shows the decimal point BUT I cannot enter data such as 123.45, 20.33, 3.5.