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EZ Database questions--new user

#1 2019-11-02 23:53:49
Just installed EZD today. I'm a multi-decade programmer, no longer working due to illness. I have extensive database programming experience, starting with filePro on SCO Xenix in the 1980s.

I set up my first database, and was immediately perplexed by its asking for a 'table' name, but I entered something and moved on.

I just wanted two fields: the first for dates, so I chose 'date' as its type, the second numeric, including decimals, so I chose 'real' for its type. Then I tested inputting data.

Upon entering the date field I'm presented with a monthly calendar, today highlighted. I want to manually enter dates, not scroll through calendars; for example, 04/30/1892 or 11/02/19 (depending on the database). That appeared impossible, so I changed its type to 'text.' Okay, but not ideal.

The next field won't accept zeroes following the decimal point. In other words, 162.05 cannot be entered; as soon as the '0' is touched, the decimal point disappears and the zero gets appended to the numbers before the decimal point: 162.05 desired becomes 16205, while 154.68 remains 154.68. This is unacceptable.

The 'sum' field keeping a running total on a 'real' numeric field makes no sense unless the user wants that function. Say the field is for weights; you definitely don't want all your weekly weigh-ins added together!

How do I add fields to an existing database?

How do I assign a fixed number of characters per field, such as 8 for a MM/DD/YY field or 10 for MM/DD/YYYY?

I'm happy to pay for the app (as I have with others of yours) if it can do what I want/need.
#2 2019-11-06 13:19:42
Thanks for the suggestions. I will see what I can do about the date inputs and the decimal stuff.
#3 2019-11-06 22:19:24
Great! If you're open to adding/tweaking features, I guarantee you I'll buy the paid version (I hope you're going to offer). As a former programmer, I have an appreciation for your talents, and am glad to buy the app. :)
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