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App not accepting your paid downloaded [ *.amk ] KEY

#1 2020-01-06 15:01:19
Platform: Win 10 Home, new Lenovo laptop

- 1st used PDF Document Scanner app by download & install without Upgrade key payment from Microsoft Store. App is great, clean results, but I then wanted full functionality.
- Located your Ape Apps web site and wanted to pay for the Key directly from you, thinking you would receive full $. Paid on your web site & immediately received KEY [ *.amk ]
- I was unsuccessful locating in the program the link to directly apply [ *.amk ] key … it always redirected me to Microsoft Store for (re)payment.
- Assumed there was a link missing in M$ install ver. making it impossible to directly apply your downloaded KEY.

Attempt Solution:
- Uninstalled Win 10 app, Regedit search and delete all entries: PDF Document Scanner & Ape Apps. Scanned C:\ for same. Rebooted.

- Reinstalled your direct web download < > and I was happily rewarded with a nicer improved GUI.
- Started using program: Insert → Title page --> Full Upgrade window, clicked(Upgrade) → Remove     Advertising windows, (yes) → browsed to my local KEY [ *.amk ], clicked --> Open
- Nothing seemed to change.
- Used program, closed program, rebooted … each time attempted to Insert → Title page … steps to insert Key ... same results: after clicking OPEN, nothing changed, added functions did not work, and adds continued.

– If this has identified a bug, what do you suggest, or should I go through the uninstall & reinstall again, although I doubt that’s a solution. Thanks for this great basic function app!

Please advice
#2 2020-01-08 22:38:20
Your account is showing that Premium is activated. I will look to see if there is something wrong with the code. Generally on the non-Windows Store version, you can just throw the key file in your My Documents folder and the app will find it automatically.