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EZ Register issue

#1 2020-05-08 19:57:26
Been using register for many months, yesterday i tried to open it and nothing, just busy signal. After waiting for hours i tried resetting it and it disappeared completely. So today i reinstalled it, backups are gone too. So now i'm re-entering my data, did a Ledger backup and I can't find the file. Its not in the EZ Backup folder in my Documents folder. Can you bring me up to speed on what happened and where my backups are?
#2 2020-05-09 12:19:05
If you are on Windows 10, the app resides in a sandboxed filesystem and the OS will delete all of it's data if you uninstall. However, if you did do a backup, that file should be somewhere. Can you do a search on your PC for it? The file extension is .ezr, so you can do a search for *.ezr
#3 2020-05-29 13:56:52
Well, I rebuilt the whole thing from 1/1/20 and this morning i fired it up and its all gone again. I need something more reliable.